Construct the computer network system - telephone switchboard - surveillance camera

- Computer network system: Consult the most optimal network system, design network diagram, provide genuine network equipment components quickly.
- Telephone PABX system: Consult the switchboard solution in accordance with customers reality, provide switchboard equipment of Panasonic, Siemen ...
- Camera surveillance system: Provide day and night monitoring (infra-red camera), camouflage surveillance equipment ..., with lowest cost and highest efficiency and stability. .
Consulting, designing and deploying network systems for enterprises with extensive experienced staff.

Providing IT solution & network construction

With experience in designing and building many large scale network systems in Vietnam, we are confident that we are reliable company for LAN network construction projects.

Design, construction, installation and development of LAN security systems, WAN is a traditional key service of SNA Vietnam. With experience in LAN, WAN design and construction for many large projects, we are confident to meet the most stringent technical requirements as well as implementation progress ...

Delivering the bes IT solution for your company

• Save time and money.
• As an IT Specialist, we have relationships and are also a direct partner with many well-known IT distributors. We can integrate high technology and most suitable for the customers system.
• Customers will be supported by professional consultants who have experience in consulting and project design, information systems.
• Customers are not only consulted solutions and system models to meet the current needs, we also provide advice to customers when there is a need to expand the system in the future.


1. Surveying and recording customer information such ash: Customers purpose and equipment requirements, Site survey, building structure and installation location, Construction conditions and material quality Construction (cable, pipe, brace ....) conditions that may affect the system (electricity, environment ...)


2. List up the type of equipment used (price list, technical features, warranty period) include: Logical diagram, installation diagram ... - Quantity of accessories - Construction time


3. Wiring system, wire protection gene, Deployment of conductors (plastic pipes, braces, wires, etc.) , Deploy the network cabling system in accordance with the design diagram, Mark the cable and connect to the set Connect the computer to the network. Mount the peripherals to the network. Set up the network. Group the users by VLAN (split the system into subnets. Configuring routers, routing protocols, load-balancing ..., configuring firewalls, creating DMZ for Server, installing operating systems for servers, setting up protocols and network services, Set up user accounts, user permissions, install network application programs, set up client protocols, create client accounts, share client resources


Check system and transfer. Check the compatibility and stability of the system, with customers, then transfer equipment records (warranty card, payment invoice ...), transfer design drawings and installation , Network diagrams, system maintenance logs, direct system manuals and personnel training.